Evil Eye Astor Eternal Rose Gift Box - LEO

$37.60 USD $47.00

Looking for a unique gift for that special Leo in your life? Our Zodiac-themed evil eye preserved rose each come in a NEW custom-designed white textured box displaying the astrological sign's constellation using powerful crystals. Pretty and powerful, crystals are a key accessory in helping one tune into their soul through energy. A unique and thoughtful gift for any loved one, astrology fan, or star-obsessed friend. Our preserved roses last up to 3 years and will leave your loved one star struck! Leo zodiac gifts are available in a variety of colors.

Leo (July 23-August 22), the fifth sign in the Zodiac, is the Lion. Those born under the Leo sign are dedicated leaders and loyal friends. They appreciate bright and colorful gifts that reflect their joy and love for life.  Makes a perfect, personalized gift for your favorite Leo.

Suggested Leo Zodiac Flower Color:  Gold

  • Roses are natural and their sizes may vary 
  • Do not water rose, handle with care 
  • Do not expose to direct light, excessive heat or dust
  • Rose will radiate natural beauty for up to 3 years
  • All our roses smell like fresh roses
  • All Leo gift boxes come with care instructions