Liberty Eternal Rose White Gift Box in Evil Eye

$36.00 USD $45.00

Our Best-Selling Preserved Rose Gift Box

The cylindrical gift box holds a single, unique, preserved evil eye flower. This handcrafted, single forever rose is the perfect rose gift box for a friend, bridesmaids, birthdays and more. All of our real roses are natural and their sizes may vary. Our lasting roses radiate beauty for up to three years. Express your love and affection with a single rose online delivery. Choose from widest colors right from beautiful yellow roses , blue roses or red roses and more delivered at your doorstep. Our best-selling item, this single lasting rose is perfect for display in a home or office and makes a thoughtful and touching gift.  Our Evil Eye Collection wards off negativity and brings positive energy to any space. This stunning collection was created to infuse your life with healing energy while elevating your space with stunning Eternity Roses®. A stunning evil eye flower that not only brings good luck but it's often noticed for its beauty.

  • Box measures 2" x 4"
  • Do not water rose, handle with care
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight, excessive heat, or dust
  • All our roses smell like fresh roses
  • All gifts come with care instructions